Assignment 3 (final)

For my final animated version of the concrete poem, I wanted to try to integrate the words I used into the image of the camera (source) and have the words animate an interaction of scrolling through images taken on the camera as a way to represent the new memories formed through photos. The statement I wanted my dynamic poem to show is how I see new things through a camera lens and commit those images to memory rather than through purely mental processing.

The movement of the text mimics the function of both the camera and my thought and memory process as a photo is taken. I have three main words, action, emotion, and color, which represent three aspects of life that are captured through photos, and those flash across the screen and act as the “image”. The words that appear in the top right corner are symbolic of the way I remember action, emotion, and color, and the fading in and out is meant to reflect the memories and how they are stored in my brain.

I struggled a little bit with the animation and due to some technical problems was not able to figure out how to make it work perfectly, but I think it gets the message across clearly, and the movement of the words is smooth and integrates well with the photo.

(couldn’t figure out how to embed an swf into this post)


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